Introduction to Koi Fish

Koi fish are one of the most beautiful species of fish in ponds that are on sale. Often the subject of Chinese art is put these fish in many different concepts of wealth and prosperity luck. If you threw some of these fish are interested, there are things you must consider.

Koi fish is a fish species. On many carp, koi can reach over three meters. The largest and most fish, the more valuable it is. So, you want to be sure to provide a good environment for your Koi. The pond should have enough space for your fish. While Koi do not have much depth, the fish are slow, not fast. For this reason, they need an appropriate length and width of the lagoon. It is strongly recommended to ensure the five pond times wider than the length of the largest fish and ten times longer than the duration of their biggest fish. When calculating the length of the fish, the maximum growth rate of the species.

If you want to have more than a fish, you need to adjust according to the figures. The more fish that is the longest, widest and deepest accommodate the Koi pond everyone.

Most koi carp has an open air should be considered if you have the space for a large indoor pool. Because of its size, this Koi do not grow well in small aquariums.
Because they are outdoors and fish, it is important to ensure adequate attention in the cold season. You may need to invest in a heater for your pond if you live in a cool room. In extremely cold places, you need a temporary pool inside for the winter so the fish do not die.

Koi is easy to maintain if you take the time to secure their needs. Koi need a special diet and environment to maintain the health. Before you buy your koi, make sure that all of the proper treatment of water and food available for you to take too well to fish.